Why HMK?

“Not everyone can be the quarterback.” Well, in marching band, we have 100+ quarterbacks!

Because of the nature of this activity, the success of the group depends on each member equally - no one student is more (or less) important than another! Every performer relies equally on one another. The group truly functions like a well-oiled machine!

Due to the nature of our activity, attendance at all rehearsals and performances is essential. While HMK maintains an active rehearsal schedule through the beginning of November, summer rehearsals are where the group lays the groundwork for greatness!

In June and July, members are expected to be at rehearsal if they are in town. Please attempt to schedule family vacations in June and/or July. Summer vacations/trips in June/July are considered excused absences…have fun!

Beginning in August, rehearsal attendance is mandatory to be ensured a spot on the field. Attendance at all performances is essential to the success of the group. If you know of a conflict that already exists for 2015, please inform Mr. Gumble immediately to see if it can be worked around.

For many new families, arranging transportation to rehearsals/performances can be quite daunting. Please rest assured that most members make arrangements to car pool to make transportation as easy as possible. With 100+ members, chances are that one of your neighbors is involved in HMK!