Post date: Nov 17, 2014 3:53:08 PM

What a fantastic way to end the season! Thank you to all that had a hand in planning last night’s festivities!!!!

Final Thoughts…What a “Suite!" Journey!

This group did things this year that no other group of Knights have done and learned a lot along the way. They have succeeded once again in raising the bar for future bands and learned a LOT along the way...

Hype Day - first of its kind! We learned that the show reveal = "WHOA" or “Ummm…” every single year!

New Schedule - major improvement! We learned that more doesn't necessarily mean “better” and that an earlier camp leads to greater progress!

Opening Knight! We learned that we have the best Booster Club anywhere with amazing leadership and that BIG things can happen when many hands come together.

Bands of America - goal #1 for the year...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Learned that there are amazing things going on outside of our normal sphere of influence and that seeing bands that are further along in the process can be inspiring. Also learned that the Marching Knights are indeed a player on a national scale, and we will look to do more Bands of America in the future.

Mini-Tour - proved that mental preparation is key (and that GPS systems can't be trusted)

PA State Champs @ West Chester University - STATE CHAMPS!

Annapolis - worst weather in history, made the best of it and once again made the HMK star a bit brighter in front of a star-studded DCI panel. We learned that cymbal players can double as field goal kickers, and that our Band Dads are stronger than YOUR Band Dads!

Championship Week - commitment to excellence at every rehearsal, leading to another amazing finals performance that we will all carry with us forever. Learned once again that numbers don’t mean anything and that if you work hard and strive for excellence, GREAT things happen!

Available for Pick-up (Band Office)

> BOA Patches/Certificates

> Cavalcade Championship Patches

> Guard Photos

Moving Forward

Jazz! > Holiday Jazz starts TODAY! Rehearsals will be 11.17, 11.24, 12.01, 12.03, 12.08, and 12.10 (Concert 12.15!). All rehearsals will run until 4:30…THE MORE THE MERRIER! :)

Indoor Guard

The Indoor Guard informational meeting will be held this Thursday @ 6 PM (Hackman Auditorium).

HMK 2015 > As we move ahead, remember that RECRUITMENT IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY! If you know someone that would make a GREAT marching knight, let them know! Have friends in choir/orchestra? Now is the time to learn a secondary instrument! Have friends that would be great guard members? Indoor starts on Thursday! Folks that are interested in becoming HMK members in 2015 can contact me via email or drop by the band office!

Fundraising! > In addition to an overnight in Pittsburgh, we have discussed the possibility of taking a larger trip with HMK next year! While no details have been finalized, it would be wise to take advantage of the fundraising opportunities that become available through the Booster Club and HHS!!!! :)