Post date: Oct 28, 2011 7:47:53 PM


Due to the weather forecast, we will not travel to Marple Newtown High School for a performance tomorrow night.

While this is certainly a disappointment to everyone, it would be irresponsible to have our caravan travel three-plus hours in potentially hazardous road conditions. HMK will return home following awards at Ephrata HS (Awards @ 4:30, Home by 5:30 PM) Please plan accordingly.

Our performance at Ephrata HS is still on, however the show has been moved indoors.

For those yet to experience an indoor show, our performance will be held in the Ephrata HS Gymnasium with the group performing in a standstill form. The scores are determined much differently than our outdoor shows:

20 points - Individual Music

20 points - Ensemble Music

20 points - AVERAGE (Individual and Ensemble)

40 points - General Effect Music (20 points x 2)

While there are no purely visual captions, Color Guard performance and visual contribution will factor into the General Effect caption

TOTAL - 100 points

Our score from tomorrow's contest will be considered when determining championship seeds following next weekend's shows.

Report time for tomorrow morning remains 9 AM for all members.

Members should report to the band area as opposed to the stadium as previously requested. Pit Crew - please stay tuned for information regarding equipment unload tonight as well as equipment loading tomorrow morning (locations/times) as these have yet to be finalized.

Once again, thanks to everyone involved with your flexibility when dealing with weather-related schedule adjustments!

Adam Gumble

Director of Bands

Hempfield High School

Instead of competing, HMK had a giant snowball fight :)