HMK eNews > Week of 10.01

Post date: Oct 1, 2012 4:23:27 PM

Greetings from the Band Room! Congratulations to the Boosters, Staff, and Membership on this past Saturday! The best moments of my day:

3. Watching our members move half a mile from the warm-up area to the field, wait at the gate for 15 minutes, and not once display signs of a lack of focus or discipline

2. Seeing our drum majors/captains/president move in step with perfect style across the field following the awards ceremony while pandemonium ensued with most other groups

1. Watching/listening to how the crowd connected to the performance!

Confession: I rarely watch performances from the top of the stands at this stage of the season. I'm much more interested in the reaction of the crowd than I am with what's happening on the field! My vantage point on Saturday night was kneeling on the ground on the 20 yard-line so I could discretely watch people as they saw the additions/changes to the show. Judging by the faces that I witnessed and the gasps that I heard, I think we're on the right track! :)

That being said, there is still much work to be done! We still have a minute of drill and music to put on the field, and this next segment of show is going to be a serious challenge. There are also segments that aren't as effective as we would like need to be reworked and refined. With all of that in mind, we are confident that "The Cathedral" is going to be one of the best shows that folks have ever seen by the time we are finished!



Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday > Normal Rehearsal Schedule

Friday > Football @ Wilson

*It is Wilson's Homecoming, therefore we will perform pre-game. We will need to load and leave early to allow for a proper warm-up when we arrive.

Report/Load Truck: 3:30 PM

Load Buses: 4:30 PM

Arrive: 5:15 PM

Warm-up: 5:30 PM

Perform: Pregame 6:30 PM

Saturday > Tournament of Bands @ Cumberland Valley

*This is an SAT day at Hempfield HS. Students who are taking SATs should inform their caption supervisor on Tuesday. I met with the SAT Guru here at Hempfield who told me that the test will be finished by 12:30 PM. Students should finish the test, eat/drink/gather themselves, and report to the stadium for ensemble rehearsal.

Guard and Percussion Report: 10:00 AM

Winds Report: 12:00 PM

Ensemble Rehearsal: 1-4:30 PM

Load Truck: 4:45 PM

Load Buses: 5:45 PM

Leave: 6:00 PM

Arrive: 7:15 PM

HMK Performs: 9:15 PM

Awards: 9:45 PM

Home: 11:00 PM