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Post date: Sep 8, 2013 11:35:05 PM

HAPPY HOME-SHOW WEEK!!!! (can you believe it!?)

After a successful debut of the FATE Opener on Friday night, the group took huge strides in the right direction during an incredibly productive mini-camp on Saturday. Most notably, the FATE platforms are in and add a vertical dimension to the production that will be memorable to all! Finally, word on the street is that the sewing committee will have not one but TWO flags for this weekend! Thank you to everyone that is working so hard behind the scenes to "stack the deck" for HMK!!!!

This Week's Rehearsal…

Tuesday Sectionals (Winds 3:15 - 5:30, Guard/Perc 6:00 - 9:00)

Wednesday Ensemble (3:15 - 5:30)*

*Sub Orders for Friday Due (End of Rehearsal)

*HSD Activity Fee Envelopes Due (End of Rehearsal)

Thursday Ensemble @ Stadium (6:00 - 9:00)

*Thursday Night is Back to School Night at HHS (yes, we still have rehearsal :)

Friday Football @ Central York HS

3:30 PM > Rehearsal in Band Room (Stand Tunes)

*Guard @ PAC Field

4:30 PM > Dress/Eat/Load Trucks

5:00 PM > Load Buses

5:30 PM > Leave

Perform Halftime!


*NOTE: Members celebrating Yom Kippur are exempt from all activities

10 AM > Guard and Percussion Report

12 PM > Winds Report (Guard and Percussion Lunch)

1 - 5 PM > Full Ensemble Rehearsal in Stadium

5 - 6 PM > Dinner @ Concession Stands

6 - 7 PM > Report for Jobs

8:45 PM > Report for Warm-up (in Uniform)

9:35 PM > Music Run-Through in Cove

9:45 PM > Leave Warm-up

10:00 PM > GATE

10:15 PM > PERFORM!!!!

10:30 PM > WCU!!!!

10:45 PM > Awards/Clean-up

Opening Knight is an experience that will live with you for the rest of your life! The quality of the experience is a RESULT OF YOUR HARD WORK!

Work Hard. Strive for Excellence. GREAT things will happen!

Adam Gumble

Director of Bands

Hempfield High School