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Post date: Oct 7, 2013 10:10:53 PM

Congratulations on a GREAT weekend! We talk a lot about making a positive impact on those around our group. I receive letters from time to time and I wanted to share one with you that I received on Saturday morning:

Last evening I stayed for the performance of the Hempfield Marching Knights and was truly entertained by your outstanding performance! The show was demanding and the music was of outstanding quality! Your band is a class act. Even your stand tunes are polished and the students handle themselves with a quiet confidence that shows they have purpose. The thing that amazes me the most is the control of sound that your band produces! It is a sound built from the bottom up and the students do not over play their instruments. This is outstanding!

I get to see a lot of marching bands perform. I serve as the football statistician for Wilson and attend every football game. Also, I attend the competitions as I am Wilson’s announcer. I truly believe in the power of the activity and the characteristics that it passes along to the members. I still remember my days in marching band in high school and in college at West Chester. The hard work and dedication has traveled with me throughout my life.

Keep up the good work! I am at a competition every weekend and I’ve seen a lot of bands. Few are at your level!


High School Math Teacher

Wilson School District

As I said last week - numbers don't mean anything. The experience is about what you carry with you through the rest of your life. While it feels AWESOME to "win" a show and to be recognized for your week, the real reward is how you feel coming off of the field with 115 of your closest friends after you've poured your heart out to those who were lucky enough to be moved by your performance.

As Danny mentioned in his percussion notes this week...in twenty years, you probably won't remember what shows you won, how many points you scored, or how many trophies ended up in the case. What you will remember is the relationships that you made, the fun that exists in an unyielding pursuit of excellence, and the invincible feeling when preparation meets opportunity.

As always - watch the video, listen to the tapes, make your lists, and GET BETTER!

Oh…and enjoy the ride! :)

The Week...

Tuesday, 10.08 > Sectionals

Winds/Percussion Leaders > Fall Band Night Rehearsal! (3:15 - 5:30)

Percussion/Guard > Sectionals (6 - 9)

*+Wednesday, 10.09 > Ensemble (3:15 - 5:30)


* Reminder: The Booster Club is hosting a "Knight Out" at Iron Hill! 20% of the proceeds from your meal go directly to benefit our program! Bon appetit!

+ ALSO - Students wishing to play as a member-organized "pep band" for the Powder Puff game may do so. This is NOT A REQUIREMENT, but members tend to have a blast at this event!

Thursday, 10.10 > Ensemble (3:15 - 5:30)

Friday, 10.11 > HOMECOMING!

3:30 > Walk-Through @ PAC Field

4:15 > Dress/Eat

5:15 > Move to Stadium

5:30 > Eat @ Visitor's Concessions

6:15 > Pre-Game Performance w/ Middle Schoolers!

HALFTIME > Perform for Homecoming Ceremony

Post-Game > "FATE"

Saturday, 10.12 > OFF!

9:00 - 1:00 PM > Booster Club Car Wash!

This is not a requirement of membership, but volunteers are needed!

Please see the email from the Perry's for more information :)