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Post date: Oct 21, 2013 5:55:46 PM

Work Hard. Strive for Excellence. Saturday Happens.

Based on the reaction of the crowd at Springfield on Saturday night, I'd say that we've got ourselves a vehicle for expression that is capable of moving people unlike they are used to from a typical marching band. Some of the highlights:

> Mr. Blanford (the Band Director from Springfield) approached me halfway through the Opener and said "Dude…that's not fair." He also told me that he refers to our Symphonic and Marching programs as the "gold standard," said "we all strive to be like Hempfield" and thanked us for coming out so that "his community could see what is possible from a marching band."

> Field Music Judge at the end of the Opener - "That Mello Just RIPPED MY FACE OFF!" (this is a good thing ;) I can honestly say that I've never heard "WOW" or belly laughs so frequently during judges tapes! (Tapes are posted at bands.hempfieldsd.org > HMK > Downloads. "Feel Good" Recordings = Field Music, Effect Music…"Get Better" Recordings = Field Visual, Ensemble Visual)

> The ovation from the members of other bands as we crossed in front of them following our performance was one that I'll never forget. In addition to building our own character, this activity is about affecting other people's lives. If any of those bands go home and say "I want to be like Hempfield" then we certainly had an affect! (More Bands Working Harder = More Students Work Harder, More Bands Striving for Excellence = More Students Learning to Strive for Excellence…Can band change the world!? ;)

The Week...

We should be EXTREMELY proud of ourselves, but we will be short-changing our potential if we do not continue to strive for excellence. With all of the great things happening on the field, there are still individual breakdowns, timing issues, phrasing problems, and forms that are not developing cleanly. There are also construction issues that the staff will be addressing, so be ready! The hard work is just beginning - if greatness was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Tuesday > Sectionals (Winds until 5:30, Guard/Perc 6-9)

Wednesday > FALL SHOWCASE CONCERT! (7 PM Start, Bands @ 8:00)

Thursday > Ensemble (6-9)

Friday > Football @ Warwick

Walk-Through @ 3:30

Dress/Eat/Load @ 4:15

Buses @ 5:00

Perform PRE-GAME 6:20

Halftime = Senior Night (we will be OFF and come back mid-3rd Quarter)

Warwick Performs Postgame

Home around 10:15

Saturday > Cavalcade @ Manheim Central

Guard/Perc @ 9

Winds @ 11

Ensemble from 12:00 - 3:00

Dress/Eat/Trucks @ 3:00

Load Buses @ 4:00

Arrive @ 4:30

Perform @ 6:15 (members will change following performance)

Host Performs @ 9:15

Awards @ 9:30

Return @ 10:00

Home by 10:30!

NOTE: Despite the fact that we will be WAY better next Saturday, please do not be surprised if our score goes DOWN!


1) 93.4 is an absurdly high number for this time of the season. In retrospect, our CHAMPIONSHIP score last year was a 93.55!

2) Judges are trained to rank, then rate. We are the sixth band on out of 16,

so they will need to leave LOTS of "room at the top" in the event that the 10 bands after us are better. This past weekend we were on three from the end, meaning that the judges didn't need to save as many numbers. We could go out, perform the show of our lives…and score an 86. Moral of the story - going on last is optimal (no need to save any numbers!), going on first is not. :)


Work hard. Strive for excellence. GREAT things happen!