Post date: Aug 1, 2011 7:42:53 PM

Greetings, friends! I hope that this note finds you in the midst of a fun, relaxing summer! After meeting with the Booster Club Executive Council as well as the HMK Student Council, we are VERY excited to unveil two new items for 2011: Friends of HMK and the 2011 Online Fund Drive

What is "Friends of HMK"?

Friends of HMK is a Facebook group that is open to anyone - students, family, friends, community members...anybody! By joining the group, people will remain apprised of the goings-on with HMK through member posts throughout the season as updates are sent directly to their Facebook news-feed. Simply put, Friends of HMK will serve as a central communication hub on the largest social networking site in the world!

Friends of HMK is an open group - simply log on to Facebook and join! Once you have joined, please add people on your friends list who would be interested! The larger the group, the better! :)

What is the 2011 Online Fund Drive?

In an effort to take advantage of the power of social networking, the Booster Club is kicking off it's first ever Online Fund Drive on Monday, August 1st. The fund drive is being run through WePay, a secure website that makes it extremely easy for groups like ours to collect donations/payments.

The OFD is similar to Tag Day in that we are raising awareness for HMK and asking folks to provide financial support. The OFD is different from Tag Day in that:

- we are not limiting ourselves to a single community!

- we are not knocking on the doors of strangers!

- we are harnessing the power of the internet to generate more funds!

and, most importantly...

- we are setting up a hub where folks can receive continual electronic updates regarding the progress of HMK!

How does this work?

Anyone in the world can donate to the Online Fund Drive by visiting our WePay site - https://www.wepay.com/donate/hmk2011

This link will be placed in the Friends of HMK group, my website (mrgumble.hempfieldsd.org) and can be sent to anyone on your email/friends list! Donations can be made by Credit Card or as a Direct Debit through the secure WePay website.

What is the goal?

The goal is simple - to raise awareness and funds for the 2011 Hempfield Marching Knights! The 2011 Online Fund Drive will run continually throughout August and September, however we encourage folks to donate early!

*Folks who donate prior to September 1st will have their name listed in the Opening Knight program as a "Friend of HMK!!!!"or "Knight of the Round Table"

$10 > Friend of HMK

$25 > Squire

$50 > Knight

$100 > Black Knight!

Does this count toward my $50 in advertising?

Members are still responsible for raising $50 worth of advertising for the Opening Knight program book. The funds raised through the Online Fund Drive will be used to offset trip costs and provide special services for our members throughout the season!


This is the first time that we're attempting this sort of fundraiser, so there are bound to be questions! Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions at adam_gumble@hempfieldsd.org!

What do I do now?

Invite folks to the Friends of HMK Facebook page, explain the fund drive, and get ready for the greatest band season of our lives!!!!