Friday @ Lampeter Strasburg UPDATE

Post date: Aug 29, 2012 3:38:07 PM

Greetings, friends! What a GREAT first week of school! Sectionals have been fantastic and we are looking forward to finishing up "The Keepers" during rehearsals this afternoon and tomorrow evening! Most importantly, we have our first football game this Friday!!!! Please see below for the remainder of this week's schedule.

Thursday Rehearsal

Ensemble Rehearsal from 6-9 PM in the Stadium!

We will be doing large chunks of show from 8:30-9:00...everyone's invited!

*Please make sure that your dry-cleaned/hemmed uniform has been returned

Friday @ LS

Report: 3:00 PM (Band Room...STAND TUNES!)

Load: 4:30 PM

Dress/Eat*: 4:30-5:00 PM

Load: 5:00 PM

Depart: 5:15 PM

Arrive: 6:00 PM

LS Performs: 6:35 PM

HMK Performs: Halftime

Depart: When the game is over (probably 9:30ish)

Return: 35 minutes after we leave!

*Students have the option of eating following our rehearsal block (4:30-5:00), on the bus on the way to the game, or waiting until 3rd Quarter (the band is "off" during 3rd Quarter and can visit the concession stands).

REMINDER: Students will travel on the bus with the band to and from all performances. If extenuating circumstances exist, a note signed by a parent must be presented to the Director in advance.

Enjoy the long weekend!

2012 HMK Top Knights!

(Aaron, Sarah, Mary, Grace)