North Penn HS Jazz Festival - 02.25.11

Post date: Feb 17, 2011 5:20:15 PM

The HHS Jazz Ensemble will travel east to North Penn HS on Friday, February 25th. The Jazz Ensemble will be participating in their first "regular season" festival of 2011. With 12 of the best high school jazz groups from the Philadelphia area, this gig will surely be a great experience for our group. Let's show those Philly kids that Lancaster can swing, too!!!!

The Jazz Ensemble will rehearse after school on the 25th. Students should bring all materials needed for performance to school that day. We are looking at a two-hour ride, so we'll need to be rolling by 4:30 PM. HHS Jazz takes the North Penn stage at 7:50 PM. North Penn performs at 10:20 PM with awards to follow. Students should bring money for dinner. While return time will be around 1 AM, parents are welcome to take their students following our performance (with written permission).