2014 Jazz One Audition Materials

Post date: Dec 17, 2013 4:34:51 PM

Auditions for Jazz One will take place on Thursday, January 2nd. Auditions will begin at 3:15 and will run until each student has auditioned.

Audition Material > Take the "A" Train

NOTE: The recording contains three choruses of 32 bars (AABA format)

  • AUDITION MINIMUM: Perform Lead Sheet (one chorus as written - 32 measures)
  • OPTIONAL: Perform an improvised (or written) solo over the second chorus
  • OPTIONAL: Perform Lead Sheet for third chorus (with melodic embellishment)

You will not be penalized for not performing the optional material, however students that do attempt the optional material will receive preference when choosing "principal players" as well as soloists throughout the season.

The best way to learn about jazz is by listening to as much as possible and studying the stylistic interpretations of the masters. This video is a wonderful place to start when exploring "Take the 'A' Train"