"How To" Charms

For Charms-related questions, contact Melissa Waltman at cranburyclub@comcast.net

Charms Office > www.charmsoffice.com > Rollover "Enter/Login" in the upper right hand corner and choose "Parents/Students/Members"

School Code > hempfieldband (not case sensitive)

Student Password > I have setup every member's password to be their Student ID number.

WELCOME TO THE PORTAL! Some of the icons that you will see… (*indicates DO THIS NOW! :)

*1. Change Password > Do this IMMEDIATELY! This should be a family password so both parents and students can access the portal.

*2. Update Info > Please enter information as completely as possible for students and adults. If you would like, please take advantage of the "Add New Adult" feature!

*3. Finances > Thanks to Melissa Waltman (our new Member Finance Chair) the Booster Club Member Accounts will now be accessible through the Charms Platform! We are positive that this will make for a much better experience!

Some important notes regarding Finances:

> In order to expedite the transition to the Charms platform, Melissa has entered a single "Balance Forward" to the Student Miscellaneous Ledger to represent student account balances. For a detailed breakdown, contact Melissa Waltman for a PDF of all transactions prior to February 14th, 2014. If there are issues with your account, please address those with Melissa Waltman ASAP. Moving forward, detailed information will be available in the Charms platform.

> As of now, Reimbursement Requests should still be submitted in paper form outside of Mr. Gumble's office. Moving forward, we are trying to use the "Transfer Funds" feature in Charms, however there are still kinks that need to be worked out. Thanks for understanding!

4. Calendar > We have not made the full transition to Charms with the calendar, so please continue to utilize the website calendar until further notice. We look forward to utilizing all of the power that comes with the Charms web calendar beginning with HMK 2014!

5. Handouts and Files > Charms allows us to upload files to your file folders based on the groups that you are a part of. HMK folks will find 2014 HMK Orientation Guides while Concert/Symphonic folks will have 3MP Assessment Sheets. This flexibility will have a GREAT impact moving forward!

6. Forms Collected > This will show you the status of forms that are associated with your groups, allowing you (and me!) to see what still needs to be turned in.

7. Point System > No longer do you need to wait until the end of the year and fill out the elusive "Points" Document before Music Honors Night! Award points from years past have been imported, and points for HMK, Outdoor Guard, County/District/Region Band have been awarded for 2013-14. Spring activities (Jazz, Indoor, Pit) will be added at the conclusion of their respective seasons.

8. Inventory > Your uniform and school-owned instrument information has been imported to the Charms Platform! This will make uniform/instrument distribution and collection a breeze moving forward!

9. Practice Logs/Recording Studio > Buckle Up :)

10. Email Staff > We will attempt to make staff/student officer emails available in this location for everyone's convenience!

We couldn't be more excited about what the Charms Platform will be doing for our program! Take a few minutes to browse the items available to you. If there are items that are inaccurate, please don't hesitate to contact me! (Remember…Finances go to the Member Finance Chair Melissa Waltman!)