Approved Private Instructors - Revised 09.10.12

Post date: Sep 11, 2012 2:44:44 PM

The quality of the musical ensembles at Hempfield is reflected by the quality of its members. Every student musician plays a vital role in the success of the program. This letter is being written to congratulate you on the work of (name of student) and to encourage you to make a small investment in (his/her) future. Just as a successful athletic team needs the best athlete at every position, our band needs a strong musician seated in every chair!

It is important that students strive for excellence in all their endeavors. As students play their instruments better, they seem to gain more from the musical experience. The feeling of accomplishment through musical performance directly increases their sense of self-worth. It is always amazing to see how this improvement is reflected in better attitudes, better grades and a brighter outlook on life.

Our regular practices allow the musicians to assemble and work together to prepare music of artistic and entertainment value. The culmination of their hard work is presented to you in our concerts, festivals or civic performances. Though we have achieved a fine performance level, I know there is yet a higher level to attain. As your child continues to improve, so does our ensemble. And as our ensemble gets better, your child has a better overall experience!

One of the most important ways to improve as a musician is through private lessons. There is no substitute for weekly sessions of individualized instruction by an instrument specialist. Private lesson instructors serve as an ideal model and mentor to assist in your child's improvement in the areas of tone, technique and general musicianship. The helpful hints or minor adjustments suggested by the instructor can greatly improve your child's playing ability.

Private instrument lessons are a small investment that helps insure your child's success. Times are arranged convenient to your child's schedule and prices for instruction time are reasonable. If you would like more information about private lessons, please contact your band director.

Thank you for your support of your most precious gift - your child. Continuing your student's musical growth will be yet another investment in enriching their quality of life!