3MP Documents

Post date: Feb 5, 2014 5:48:56 AM

Greetings, all! Attached to this post you will find:

  • 3MP Rehearsal Map (you are responsible for preparing material for each rehearsal)
  • 3MP Assessment Sheet (includes Lit Excerpts)
  • Performance Levels Rubric (in case you don't have this handy)
  • Literature Strips (to keep in your folder for self-evaluation)
  • Macro Goals Sheet (for your long-term planning)
  • Major Scales and Arpeggios (for EVERY instrument!)

Arpeggios > You will notice the addition of "Major Arpeggios" to our Skill Builders. For those that are not familiar, these are simply broken chords (Do-Mi-Sol-Do-Sol-Mi-Do) that are found in music. Following scales, these are the most critical patterns for musicians to commit to muscle memory as they are sprinkled throughout music fairly liberally. We will begin to work these into our Daily Drill, so I would recommend adding them to your Weekly Goals!

Chop Busters 1 > Concert Band members will notice "Chop Busters 1" as part of their 3MP assessment. Parts are available for download at Concert Ensembles > Downloads of this site.

REMEMBER > Your success is a residue of your preparation! Ensure that you reach your highest achievement level possible through planning and preparation!