"How To" Charms

Charms Office - www.charmsoffice.com Rollover "Enter/Login" in the upper right hand corner and choose "Parents/Students/Members"

School Code - enter " hempfieldband "

Student Password > Your Student ID number is your temporary password. When you log in the first time the site will prompt you to select your own unique password. Pick a password that both you and your child/parents can use - it is one password for the shared account.

WELCOME TO THE PORTAL! Some of the icons that you will seeā€¦ (*indicates DO THIS NOW! :)

*1. Update Info > Please enter information as completely as possible for students and adults. Updated email addresses for parents and students is of greatest importance!!!


2. Finances - Booster Club Member Accounts will now be accessible through the Charms Platform!

3. Calendar -

4. Handouts and Files - Charms allows us to upload files to your file folders based on the groups of which you are a member.

5. Forms Collected - This will show you the status of forms that are associated with your groups, allowing you (and me!) to see what still needs to be turned in.

6. Point System -

7. Inventory - Your uniform and school-owned instrument information has been imported to the Charms Platform! This will make uniform/instrument distribution and collection a breeze moving forward!

8. Practice Logs/Recording Studio - Buckle Up :)

9. Email Staff - We will attempt to make staff/student officer emails available in this location for everyone's convenience!

We couldn't be more excited about what the Charms Platform will be doing for our program! Take a few minutes to browse the items available to you. If there are items that are inaccurate, please don't hesitate to contact me.