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"This Little Light of Mine" Candle Sale

posted Nov 15, 2013, 8:45 AM by Bobbi Russo   [ updated Nov 15, 2013, 8:46 AM ]

For our next fundraiser we are teaming up with This Little Light of Mine, LLC.  This company, which was co-founded by Kelly Gumble's sister-in-law, Carey DuRand, offers us a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for individual student accounts, the Band Booster Club, and purchase wonderful holiday gifts at wholesale prices for our loved ones this holiday season.  This Little Light of Mine, LLC motto is "Be a light. Change the world one candle at a time".  Founded in 2012 by Carey DuRand, Michelle Richardson and their families, their company makes 100% soy candles and donates 40% of proceeds to a charity of their choice.  We are honored that they have chosen to work with the Band Booster Club!

Fundraiser details.

Kick off date: November 15, 2013

Supplies:  can be picked up either at the banquet on 11/17/13, at the Tuesday 11/19/13 parade practice, or contact Melissa Waltman at 917-6406 or cranburyclub@comcast.net to coordinate.

Mandatory end date: December 3, 2013

Candle delivery: the week of December 16, 2013.

Below is some more information describing how this fundraiser will work.

  1. Take orders and earn 40% of your sales to benefit your individual HMK student account (20%) and the HMK Band Boosters (20%).
  2. People can order using the forms provided or online using our group number - HFB13 at www.ThisLittleLightCandles.com.  You can choose from almost 100 scents on-line with 40% of the little light sales still going to you and your group. Please note that in order to get the proper money donated to your group and your account, when ordering on-line, the buyer MUST include your group number- HFB13 and your students name. Anyone who orders from our site using your student’s code HFB13 and name will still receive 40% even after the fundraiser is over, for up to a year.
  3. Each family will be given colorful order forms offering twenty "scents and smell chips" for each of the 20 scents. (If the chips are misplaced and not all returned there will be a $0.50 replacement charge for each chip deducted from your earnings a max of $10). Your student will also be given business cards, to place their special code, to hand out to possible buyers for online ordering.

Let's say you decide to buy 12, eight ounce, candles for friends and family. Broken down it would look like this:

  • 12 - 8 oz candles @ 3 candles for $25 = $100
  • $20 goes into your student account 
  • $20 goes to the Band Boosters.
  • So you are only paying $5 each for 100% soy candles to give as gifts.

Pointers to increase sales:

We offer sales of buy 3 take $5 off or buy 5 get one 8 ounce little light free (or 3 tarts); therefore, if someone buys 2 remind them that if they buy one more they get $5 off. If they buy 4, remind them that if they buy one more they get one 8 ounce little light free. Remember that 3 tarts count as one candle, so they can buy 3 tarts and two candles or 9 tarts, etc. and take advantage of the sale.

Melissa Waltman will be coordinating this fundraising effort and can be reached at 717-917-6406 or cranburyclub@comcast.net.  You are also welcome to contact the This Little Light of Mine owners with questions by contacting Carey at (717)891-5100 or Michelle at (717) 578-7485.

Melissa Waltman

This Little Light of Mine Fundraiser Coordinator



P.S. They would GREATLY APPRECIATE if you could return all unused materials, i.e. large brown envelopes, business cards, etc. This helps us keep the costs down so they are able to continue to give 40% to help others.